The next movie we decided to talk during our face to face discussion in Finland happens to have the youngest target audience so far. We watched Shaun the Sheep Movie by Aardman Animations and true to our nature we could not help but create some unconventional opinions out of it.

After some Aardman centered chit chat my mother presents a deep analysis on the animal warden antagonist, Trumper, creating bridges from Les Misérables to Hannah Arendt to paint the picture of what this character truly is underneath the overlapping story line. So you will be dramatically mistaken if you thought this episode is going to be just about a sheep wanting to have a holiday.

Spoilers: As with many children movies, it is safe to say that good prevails. Otherwise we will not go into the story that much actually.


  • [00:00] – Introduction
  • [09:10] – Adult audience, technicality and screenplay
  • [14:40] – Mentioning the Academy Awards before diving in
  • [18:50] – The farmer and pop culture reference
  • [23:45] – The in-depth analysis about Trumper, the animal-control worker
  • [49:30] – The points

Movies and TV series and books we mention