“If you can’t stand excitement, don’t go and see this film, because it is pure excitement.”

Liisa’s words couldn’t describe this movie better. From beginning to finish the movie takes the viewer through the war driven border with the most intense energy we have seen in a while on the silver screen. There wasn’t any question for us about it and this much we did agree on themovie. Apart from this we venture towards the possible disagreements and confront each other with loaded opinions. We circle around the usual premises like cinematography, music, actors, screenwriting and float along analyzing the story, concept and execution in overall. We also compare the movie with others that come into our minds and give our final thoughts on the fact that Villeneuve is inevitably going to direct the feared Blade Runner sequel. We talk about the plots of Sicario and Enemy from front to end, so there are spoilers all around the podcast. Because of this you might consider to watch these movies first. Also it is useful to refer to the table of contents underneath if you want skip certain parts (if you don’t want hear about Enemy for example) or jump straight into  a topic of interest.


  • [00:00] – Introduction in which Aharon does not remember how to pronounce Josh Brolin’s name
  • [02:20] – Our history with Villeneuve
  • [09:25] – Let’s start talking about Sicario
  • [12:20] – How the cinematography and music plays a role
  • [15:45] – The feel of danger
  • [18:00] – Benicio Del Toro
  • [27:45] – The crappy script and what Liisa thinks of Villeneuve
  • [30:45] – The atmosphere in his movies
  • [33:00] – Back to cinematography
  • [35:10] – A question about Enemy and the arguments that follows
  • [49:30] – Back to Sicario with Emily Blunt and other actors
  • [55:50] – Aharon’s analysis of the plot
  • [1:11:50] – Thoughts about the story, genre and morality theme
  • [1:16:45] – Comparisons to other movie makers
  • [1:22:35] – About revenge themes
  • [1:25:13] – Thoughts about the ending
  • [1:28:55] – Liisa’s thoughts after seeing the movie
  • [1:35:20] – So did Liisa like Sicario?
  • [1:37:45] – About the female main character
  • [1:40:30] – Question about the plan to make a spin-off movie based on Benicio Del Toro’s character
  • [1:43:15] – The points
  • [1:47:17] – About Blade Runner 2

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