Episode 31 – Infernal Affairs of The Departed

Going back and forth from the original 2002 Hong Kong crime thriller INFERNAL AFFAIRS to Martin Scorsese’s amazing THE DEPARTED, Aharon and Liisa will examine the similarities and differences of these two great movies.

My mother has a natural interest in going back to the original versions of stories. After she has discovered that they might have been remakes or at least inspired from a previous source, she dives deep into the connections to see the whole evolution of the concepts.

Some time ago she discovered that Martin Scorsese adapted his Boston crime thriller The Departed from a 2002 Hong Kong movie Infernal Affairs and naturally she could not let it go until we had a podcast about these two movies.

Spoilers: We don’t give away any of the plot twists, so it is safe to listen even if you have not seen the movies.

Antti Tuisku (left, source) and Andy Lau (right, source)


  • [00:00] – Introduction
  • [02:30] – The names
  • [03:30] – Head start of remakes
  • [06:30] – Cultural difference
  • [11:20] – How Liisa got interested?
  • [17:50] – Tony Leung
  • [25:15] – The crazy connections in Infernal Affairs
  • [29:15] – The Boston connection
  • [42:40] – Soundtrack in Infernal Affairs
  • [45:10] – The ending and morality
  • [53:00] – Leonardo DiCaprio
  • [55:00] –Matt Damon
  • [1:01.00] – Back Liisa’s interest in The Departed
  • [1:06:30] – The points

Movies we mention