Episode 33 – Moonlight

Aharon and Liisa admires the hell out of Barry Jenkins’s incredible 2016 drama MOONLIGHT.

Just in time before the 2017 Academy Awards we sit down and talk about Barry Jenkins’s instant classic, Moonlight. It is an incredibly intimate portrait of one mans life searching for his identity that is able to tell a very specific story of race and sexuality being in the same time as universal as you can get.

We mainly just go over the details that make this such a great film. For example how the opening scene itself sets up perfectly the upcoming life journey. But we also go over our thoughts on the upcoming Oscar gala.

Spoilers: We  don’t talk about the story in details so it is safe to hear even if you have not seen the movie.

Due to personal reasons I have not yet had the opportunity to draw the episodes picture, so I have to update it later on the website. Sorry for that.


  • [00:00] – Introduction
  • [02:45] – Black movies at the Oscars
  • [07:30] – Universal themes
  • [12:45] – Aharon describes the opening scene
  • [23:50] – The spirituality
  • [29:00] – The main character actors
  • [36:00] – Barry Jenkis
  • [39:00] – The cinema experince
  • [48:10] – Music & emotional cues
  • [51:00] – Naomie Harris
  • [55:00] – Back to Oscars
  • [56:20] – Liisa’s problem with Disney animations
  • [1:04:30] – Barry Jenkis is a funny name
  • [1:06:00] – About Oscars again

Movies we mention