Have you ever wondered about the banality of evil in Shaun The Sheep Movie? Or taken more emphatic perspective to Nightcrawler?

Once in a while me, Aharon Pelz, and my mother Liisa sit down for an hour or so and talk about our life long passion – the movies.

Topics vary from old to new, depending on what is in the theater or if my mother can get the dvd from the library. Mostly we try to pick movies we both are interested in, but there are times when we like to challenge each other also. And even thou being far from a blockbuster show, the episodes also tend to take a turn to the pop culture when the intriguing opportunity arises.

Take a look at the compiled list of movies we have discussed to see what movies have been worth of a discussion.

In our discussions we analyze themes and concepts all the while finding connections from in and outside the movie world. But usually we just try to avoid arguing with each other.

Sometimes also guests of close relations join the conversations, most notably my brother Olli Pelz when he shared his close examination of CGI Arnold in Terminator Genisys.

If you wish to contact us you can use the following email address: aharon.pelz@gmail.com